Author: Hadia

Okra stew and rice

  • A very traditional meal in the middle east called bamye in local languages (Turkish, Arabic, ...) served with either rice or bread
  • Healthy, very useful for those who has diabetes


  1.  Cooking oil or alternatively 1 tablespoon of ghee
  2.  A pinch of coriander seeds (dry)
  3.  Chopped and ground garlic cloves (x5)
  4.  Minced or diced meat (1/4 kg )
  5.  Cube of maggie (flavour enhancer) x1
  6.  Fresh or frozen okra (I used 2 packs of frozen okra)
  7.  Tomatoes cut into big pieces (x2)
  8.  Large tablespoons of tomato sauce (x3)
  9.  Lemon (x1)


  1.  In a pot, pour the oil and toss the chopped garlic and heat them until they darken in color (saute them) then add in the coriander
  2.  Mix in the meat for 5 minutes
  3.  Put in the okra and let it cook in the pot for 10 minutes before adding the tomato chunks
  4.  Pour water in the pot (blanch) until the okra is completely submerged and let it boil with the maggie cube (dissolving) for about 15 minutes,
    until it is well done
  5. Once you ensure the okra is cooked, add the ground garlic and sprinkle salt to preference
  6. In a pan, pour some oil along with the tomato sauce and the squeezed lemon's juice and let it cook (simmer) for 5 minutes then add this mixture to the pot
  7. Stir the pot to blend the stew and the okra becomes ready to serve with boiled rice on the side
  8. Enjoy your meal ;)